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Fantastic Haircut 100

Fantastic Day, Love Plus One, Boy Meets Girl. Hits by Haircut 100, posters of whom seemed to be on teenagers walls throughout the early 80s. We’ve made their Official Site our Website of The Week this week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays at midday on The Cheese.

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Back To The 80s Arcade

Ray Gauthier‘s Back To The 80s on The Cheese brings you the best music from the greatest era, but if you want to relive the days of Pacman, Donkey Kong and Asteroids you can’t go far wrong if you visit Ray’s Arcade Game Page. It’s our Website Of The Week this week on The 80s . . . → Read More: Back To The 80s Arcade

Remembering Kirsty

The work of the late Kirsty MacColl is remembered on The 80s Lunchbox this week as we make her Official Website our Website Of The Week. Listen in weekdays from midday on The Cheese.