Just Added – 11.07.2010

Owl City “Umbrella Beach”

Late Night Visitors

We had some late night visitors to our studios. Bacon anybody? 🙂

The Muppets ‘Bohemian Rapsody’

I’m sure Freddie would have loved this video! 🙂

Buggles ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’

Rumoured to be the first music video ever made!

Music Brunch Bits – 04/07/09

Microsoft’s “Puke” Ad

Bad call? You be the judge. Microsoft have now pulled the plug on their latest shock TV commercial.

Air New Zealand have ‘Nothing To Hide’ in their latest in-flight safety video

Those in-flight safety demonstrations have always been so ho-hum. Not anymore! Air New Zealand take the initiative to keep your . . . → Read More: Music Brunch Bits – 04/07/09

I’ll See You – Original by George Smith

FYC – She Drives Me Crazy

While we’re in a FYC state of mind, here’s one of their great hits.

Cheese Rap

qSMITHp “Blue Skies Galore”

qSMITHp is an un-signed artist living in Hastings, New Zealand. Here’s a nice happy number that we like.

“Beached As Bro”

A satrical look at the Kiwi accent. As seen on tonights “Sunday” programme on TV2. :o)