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  1. D.W. Hoppen on 10 May 2019

    Hi there!

    Listening to your Radio Station using Manjaro Linux – VLC Player Codec: .FLAC.
    As good as gets!

    All the best from Germany!

  2. Allan on 29 June 2019

    love the cheese fantastic quality and i can choose my fave songs .
    cheers guys keep up the good work
    allan listening in the uk

  3. Aliana on 6 July 2019

    Listening from Canada! I’m happy to finally find a station that streams FLAC with great quality. With a great music rotation and variety as well. I’ll be sure to send a donation your way 😉

  4. Tomás Gil on 8 September 2019

    I hear you from the other side of the world, Aracena, Spain. I love the music you play.

    Greetings from the antipodes. ;-)))

    Os oigo desde el otro lado del mundo, Aracena, España. Me encanta la música que poneis.

    Un saludo desde las antipodas. ;-)))

  5. Dirk Brinkmeier on 27 June 2020

    Hi folks at The Cheese.
    Truly the best internet radio station in the world!
    Both for music content and for sound quality, especially your FLAC stream.
    Many thanks and all the best from Germany,

  6. Wireless Waffler on 6 January 2021

    Greetings from Oxfordshire England. What a fabulous radio station. The voice overs are amusing and music is excellent. Will try to do some for you as well if you like. It sounds so professional as well.

  7. Simon Hancox on 8 April 2021

    Hi Grant,

    Hello from the Midlands in the UK.
    Just wanted to say thanks to the team and keep up the good work.
    Truly great station, fantastic music and brilliant quality, the FLAC stream is spot on.


  8. Debbie on 27 April 2021

    Hi there from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA! I’m SO glad I found The Cheese. The music is mix is outstanding. Thank you for sharing your hobby with the world. 🙂

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