“In The Air Tonight” Gorilla goes crazy.

Can you believe it.  After all these years, Phil Collins’ song “In The Air Tonight” is once again #1 on the New Zealand singles charts.   It’s all thanks to a TV commercial for Cadbury’s Chocolate (you may have seen the commercial on TV). Word is our very own Weta Workshop created the animatronics for the gorilla’s facial expressions (you didn’t really think a gorilla could be trained did you?).

However, we heard there were issues on the set and managed to get hold of footage of one of the incidents.

Under-Trained Gorilla Goes Nuts on Film Set

Five Star’s Quarter Century

When Buster Pearson had dreams of his five children becoming Britain’s answer to The Jacksons back in 1983, he was soon rewarded as Five Star commanded high chart positions throughout the 80s with their polished dance oriented pop. Celebrate the group that brought us System Addict, The Slightest Touch and many more great songs by visiting the unofficial Five Star website, 5 Star Luxury which is our Website Of The Week on the 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday on The Cheese.

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