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John Lennon

The start of the 80s will unfortunately be remembered for the death of John Lennon at the end of 1980, shortly after the release of his great album Double Fantasy.  There’s a great forum for discussing all aspects of John and his music, so Come Together is our Website of the Week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from 12.0 on The Cheese.

Innovative 80s Pop From Annie and Dave

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart first met in the 70s whilst members of The Tourists.  When the pair split from the band to form The Eurythmics, the hits soon followed.  We’ve discovered an excellent fan website dedicated to The Eurythmics which looks at both their band work and their solo projects.  The Ultimate Eurythmics is our Website Of The Week all this week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday on The Cheese.