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All The 80s You’ll Ever Need

The sign of a good website is one that has been around for a long time and this week’s Website Of The Week on the 80s Lunchbox is no exception. Canadian based was established more than nine years ago and continues to keep 80s addicts happy with updated features on the movies, music and culture of the decade. Find out more on the 80s Lunchbox, Monday to Friday, midday ’till one on The Cheese.

Are You An 80s Guru ?

…Take an online test to find out. In fact, you’ll find a great selection of 80s related online quizes at 123Facts, our Website Of The Week on the 80s Lunchbox from Monday. Fashion, Music, Pop Culture, there’s a quiz to suit you. Here at The Cheese, we’ve got the music to suit the 80s Guru too, weekdays from Midday, the 80s Lunchbox.

The Beat Of The 80s

The Ska revival at the start of the 80s brought us a handful of great bands, one of the best being The Beat (known in some parts of the world as The English Beat) , a particularly favourite of the 80s Lunchbox which is why their official site is this week’s 80s Lunchbox Website Of The Week. Find out all about the band history, the spin off groups, the singles, albums and what they’re all doing these days. You can hear the 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday on The Cheese.