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Real Life

1983 saw Melbourne band Real Life hit the charts with Send Me an Angel. They’re still producing great music and we’ve made their Facebook Page our Website of the Week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays at midday on The Cheese.

Our Internet Streaming Changes


To help make it easier to move to a backup internet provider during outages, we have changed our streaming service to a open DNS service.

If you have previously used a radio directory other than SHOUTCAST or TUNEIN.COM, you will need to bookmark our new Streaming URL.

Please click the Listen Live button to the right and copy/paste the appropriate URL into your player.


Streaming and Requests

Oh, bugger.  Looks like our internet is down. Internet streaming and requests is currently unavailable.

We’re working to get this back up and running as fast as possible. 
Bear with! 😘

Thanks to tye help of Mr Paua Pippi, we are back up and running. 

Website and Request issues

Hi Folks,
We’ve had some issues with our webhost provider over the last week and have now moved to a different provider. Song requests are now once again available and our weather station is reguarly updating to our website.

Thanks for your patience!

RIP “Felix” (Mark-Alan Workman)

We’ve just heard the sad news of the passing of Mark-Alan-Workman “Felix”.

Mark used to do weekday afternoons (2pm – 6pm Monday to Friday) on The Cheese a few years back.

You can still hear him today, voicing our website promo on air.

You’ll be missed Mark.    Thanks for helping make The Cheese sound professional right from the start.

Our sincerest condolences to Mark’s family and friends.



Our server has crashed…. Streaming unavailable.

Unfortunately our on air pc has decided to ‘drop it’s trousers’.   We recovered it last night, but overnight it has suffered catastrophic failure.  Currently we have loss of programming on both FM and Internet.
Cable Television is not affected.  It appears our hard drive has failed.  It’s likely this will not be fixed until mid next week, unless we can find a replacement
this weekend.