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Grant comes from a commercial radio background, where he spent 10+ years getting the radio bug. After leaving commercial radio in 2001 for another job, he decided to start up his own radio station as a hobby. The Cheese is that station and now keeps him quite busy.

Alan Coffey

Alan Coffey
80s Lunchbox – Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays 12pm-1pm
Saturday Breakfast – Saturdays 6am-9am

Alan Coffey kickstarted his radio career in England in 1983 by failing the BBC voice test ! Undetterred, he went on to work part time for a number of commercial stations whilst holding down a “proper job” during the week. Alan’s main experience has been gained behind the scenes, lending his voice to radio commercials and jingles, though when the chance came to join the on air team at the Cheese earlier this year, he didn’t hesitate to emerge from the back room. Alan has been the webmaster of The Naff Caff, a site devoted to 70s and 80s music and culture, for almost ten years and has written articles and reviews on the decades of questionable taste for various publications. He even appeared on a BBC World Service series during the summer of 2006 chatting about the fads and fashions of Glam Rock, Punk and the New Romantic eras. Luckily, they didn’t hold Alan’s earlier encounter with the BBC against him !


Updated November 2013

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