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Breakfast Mon-Fri 6am-10
[email protected]

Grant comes from a commercial radio background, where he spent 10+ years getting the radio bug. After leaving commercial radio in 2001 for another job, he decided to start up his own radio station as a hobby. The Cheese is that station and now keeps him quite busy. As a side gig  Grant gets involved in VoiceOver work and News Reading.

Alan Coffey
80s Lunchbox – Mondays to  Friday 12pm-1pm
Saturday Breakfast – Saturdays 6am-10am
[email protected]

Alan Coffey started his radio career in England in 1983 by failing the BBC voice test ! Undeterred, he worked part time for a number of commercial stations and has been the voice of thousands of radio ads over the years.Alan started The Naff Caff in 1996, a website devoted to 70s and 80s music and culture, and even appeared on a BBC World Service series chatting about the fads and fashions of the 70s and 80s. Luckily, they didn’t hold his earlier encounter with them against him !

Mike Rewiri-Thorsen (Mike RT)
Wednesdays and Thursdays  – 2pm to 6pm
[email protected]

In Mike’s own words:

Hi thanks for coming along to read my bio! My name is Mike RT… born in Whangarei, I grew up in South Auckland and Whanganui.
I’m an award-winning playwright and actor, and I think that covers the boring stuff.I’ve known Grant for a long time, so long in fact, that when I first met him… he had hair.I’m an OG gamer and a roustabout on YouTube, and I appreciate the smell of frying bacon.  Which explains my waistline.I’m super-happy to be here on The Cheese and I look forward to your requests/stories and jokes.  Email me!

Helena Harvey
Sunday afternoons – 2pm to 6pm
[email protected]

In Helena’s own words:

Hey Helena here
The one with the birds on her head! I have been a chatterbox since I was  little.  Every school report went “Helena is a lovely child but……”

So if your good at something and you enjoy it then share it 😉
I also love to knit and have done so since I was 12.

I come from a radio background with Classic Hits back in the early 2000s. Took a big break when I became a mum and now back on the airwaves.

I look forward to keeping you company on Sundays from 2 till 6 and bringing you great music from the 80s, 90s and today!

Adam Rubie
Monday, Tuesday & Friday afternoons – 2pm to 6pm
[email protected]

In Adam’s own words:

If radio is a disease, then Adam Rubie (that’s me) has a very bad case.

I first found that radio was cool in the 1970’s when announcers were larger than life and their voices were deeper than the Mariana Trench.  I wanted to be one of them!  I started my first radio job in 1991 in Whanganui, from there I went all-over the place from ‘town to town, up and down the dial’.

I live on a lifestyle block with a multitude of animals, I am a volunteer firefighter, I ride a motorbike and I love spending time in my spa pool with a bottle of wine.

I am growing my hair long, before it all falls out.

Favourite saying: “Shut-up and press play”

Mike Dee
HR News Mon-Sun Breakfast
[email protected]

Starting at 2ZM in 1974, Mike has over 45 years experience in radio announcing and Programming. His history includes Announcer, working a variety of shifts including Nights, Afternoons and Breakfast – then after a 1 year break doing breakfast at Radio Waikato in 1979 – Drive Announcer and Music Director back at 2ZM. Lured ‘over the road’, Mike joined Radio Windy as Music Director and Drive Announcer. Followed by Programme & Music Director at The Breeze where he stayed in various capacities until the late 1990s . Mike also helped set up the first private station news network (IRN/ Independent Radio News) in New Zealand. At this point in 1999, Mike became disillusioned by the consolidation of stations into networks run out of Auckland and went into temporary ‘retirement’.

Zane Mills
10am-2pm Weekends
[email protected]

In Adam’s own words:

Hey! I’m Zane and I’m stoked to be playing you the best hits every Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 2pm! 

When I’m not playing you the best music or drinking a cup of coffee, you’ll find me out and about at a local event, or trying to find the next best dad joke (even though I’m only a cat dad)! 

Join me every weekend as I play you the music you know and love to get you through the day! 

Updated 6th August 2021

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