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More Famous Last Words From Supertramp

Mention Supertramp and you might be excused for associating them with the 70s.  But  Breakfast In America, released in 1979, brought the 70s musos success which spanned two decades.  They followed this with Famous Last Words, which featured the 1982 single It’s Raining Again.  We celebrate Supertramp by featuring Sebastien Lauzon’s excellent fan site devoted to Supertramp and Roger Hodgson as the Website Of The Week this week on The 80s Lunchbox. Tune in weekdays from midday on The Cheese.

Roll To Del Amitri

Mention Scottish band Del Amitri and Roll To Me from the mid 90’s series Friends will immediately spring to mind.  However, the band’s history dates back to their formation at school in 1980.  A debut album arrived in 1985 without chart success, but the 1989 follow up shot them to success.  We celebrate Justin Currie and the boys by making The Official Del Amitri Site our Website Of The Week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday on The Cheese.

REM – A Band For The 80s, 90s and Today !

How many people knew there were two Athens in the world before REM ? Well Athens, Georgia, USA certainly found itself in the limelight in the 80s when their hometown band REM hit the charts and continued their run up to the present day.  We celebrate REM this week by making their Fan Club Site our Website Of The Week this week on The 80s Lunchbox.  Tune in from midday, Monday to Friday on The Cheese.