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80s Lunchbox

Who Was Sylvia’s Mother’s Daughter ?

OK, it's a trick question and a very old joke, but how many Dr Hook related jokes do you know ?  Like us probably none, but we do know that Dr Hook carried on hitting the charts after their initial 1972 hit, well into the 80s in fact.  That's why we thought it time to feature one of the bands best fansites Sylvia's Mother Dot Com as our Website Of […]

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80s Lunchbox

Gary Numan – From the Tubeway to Solo

Tubeway Army's hit Are Friends Electric ? appeared in 1970 and leader Gary Numan, soon to go solo, would  set the pace of the electronic music era which would continue well into the next decade.  The 80s Lunchbox gives him an appreciative nod by making his Fansite Numanme our Website Of The Week this week.  Tune in for more of Gary's hits and other 80s favourites weekdays from midday on […]

today21 August 2011 27

80s Lunchbox

Warning – Big Hair Alert!

If you're still reading this, then you're a child of the 80s and you won't be shocked by our 80s Lunchbox Website Of The Week which contains graphic images of Big Hair, Mullets etc. Pop 80s also contains a considerable amount of 80s related gems, links to 80s videos, competitions and details about the stars of the decade. Well worth a visit whilst you listen to the best of  80s […]

today14 August 2011 12

80s Lunchbox

And Now For Something Completely Different…

The 80s Lunchbox Website of The Week usually features a music icon of the 80s.  In some ways this week is no exception ! The Monty Python crew released a number of songs in the 80s and that's why we're featuring their Offical Site - Python Online, this week.  Tune in weekdays from midday to find out more.

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