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80s Lunchbox

Absolutely Neil and Chris

The Pet Shop Boys was a union of a music journalist and electronic music guru and Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe stormed the charts in the 80s with their unique style. We celebrate them this week by making one of the best unofficial sites Absolutely Pet Shop Boys our Website Of The Week this week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays at midday on The Cheese.

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80s Lunchbox

Bob Marley Fans

When Bob Marley passed away in 1981, a new generation of fans kept his music alive.  We've made ThirdField, one of the best fansites devoted to Bob's music, our Website of the Week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays at Midday.

today16 May 2021 43

80s Lunchbox

Time Bandits

Formed in 1981, Dutch band Time Bandits had international success with hits Endless Road and I'm Only Shooting Love. They are still touring, so why not find out what they are up to these days by visiting their Official Website, which is our Website of the Week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday.

today9 May 2021 16

80s Lunchbox

The Wild Boys Of The 80s

.... Well, as wild as you got in the reserved New Romantic era, Duran Duran were up at the top of the lists of important 80s artists. We celebrate their music by making fansite Duran Duran Music our Website Of The Week all this week on the 80s Lunchbox, Midday until 1.0pm, weekdays on The Cheese.

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