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80s Lunchbox

Coup D’Etat

The Audio Culture Page devoted to Coup D'Etat is our Website of The Week on The 80s Lunchbox. Hear more 80s hits weekdays at midday on The Cheese.

today28 January 2024 32

80s Lunchbox

Def Leppard – Rocking The 80s

Def Leppard crossed over into the top 40 with their brand of rock music which appealed to die hard fanatics as much as hit buyers.  We pay tribute to the band from Yorkshire, England this week by making their Official Website our Website Of The Week on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday on The Cheese.

today21 January 2024 130

80s Lunchbox

Rod Temperton – Songwriting Genius

An impressive list of soul and disco hits in the 70s and 80s, combining the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and New York, all written... by an unassuming man from Cleethorpes in Yorkshire, England? The unsung hero behind hits for Michael Jackson (Thriller, Off The Wall), Michael McDonald (Sweet Freedom), Kool & The Gang (Ladies Night), George Benson (Love x Love, Give Me The Night), plus countless others including those with […]

today14 January 2024 27

80s Lunchbox

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's career spans not only the 80s, but a 40 year plus time period.  We've made their Official Site our Website of the Week this week on The 80s Lunchbox, 12.0 'till 1pm Monday to Friday on The Cheese.

today7 January 2024 55


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