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80s Lunchbox

The Cure

.... for all ills is hearing all your 80's favourites on The 80s Lunchbox of course !  This week The Cure are just what the Doctor ordered and we prescribe a visit to their Official Website as our Website Of The Week.  Find out more weekdays from midday on The Cheese.  

today25 February 2024 66

80s Lunchbox

The Way It Is These Days With Bruce

Bruce Hornsby and The Range came to the attention of music lovers with the smash hit The Way It Is back in 1986 and his work is a great favourite of The 80s Lunchbox audience.  Find out what Bruce is up to these days by visiting his Official Website.  It's our Website Of The Week this week.  Find out more weekdays from midday on The Cheese.  

today11 February 2024 59

80s Lunchbox

The Three Twins !

The Thompson Twins were actually three.... oh, and no-one in the band was actually called Thompson, but that didn't stop them having a string of hits throughout the 80s ! Twin Tom Bailey's website keeps the band legacy going and is our Website Of The Week. Find out more, weekdays at midday on The Cheese.

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