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The Stars On 45 Still Burning In Your Mind !

Who remembers the craze for hit medleys in the early 80s ? Stars On 45 (Or Starsound as they were known in some parts of the world) hit the charts in 1981 with The Stars On 45. Several successful follow ups appeared and spawned a whole host of other medley makers (Beach Boy Gold, Startrax and the most famous of all, Tight Fit). Despite Starsound's perfect rendition of the Beatles' […]

today12 March 2008 23

80s Lunchbox

Freddie Mercury Remembered

Freddie Mercury, the charismatic singer/songwriter from Queen who's solo projects were just as successful is the subject of our Website Of The Week this week on the 80s Lunchbox (weekdays from midday on The Cheese).

today3 March 2008 39

80s Lunchbox

Crockett & Tubbs Remembered

The action TV series everyone was talking about in the 80s, Miami Vice, is the subject of a great fan site which is the Website Of The Week this week on the 80s Lunchbox (weekdays from midday on The Cheese). Check out the action, the speedboats, the fast cars, the hideous haircuts, the designer stubble..... and that was just the girls !

today25 February 2008 25

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Leave A Light On For The 80s Icon….

She started as the vocalist in the successful new wave band The Go-Gos and went on to have a fruitful solo career throughout the 80s. Belinda Carlisle is the subject of our Website Of The Week on the 80s Lunchbox (weekdays from midday on The Cheese).

today18 February 2008 20

80s Lunchbox

All The 80s You’ll Ever Need

The sign of a good website is one that has been around for a long time and this week's Website Of The Week on the 80s Lunchbox is no exception. Canadian based 80s.ca was established more than nine years ago and continues to keep 80s addicts happy with updated features on the movies, music and culture of the decade. Find out more on the 80s Lunchbox, Monday to Friday, midday […]

today9 February 2008 7

80s Lunchbox

Are You An 80s Guru ?

...Take an online test to find out. In fact, you'll find a great selection of 80s related online quizes at 123Facts, our Website Of The Week on the 80s Lunchbox from Monday. Fashion, Music, Pop Culture, there's a quiz to suit you. Here at The Cheese, we've got the music to suit the 80s Guru too, weekdays from Midday, the 80s Lunchbox.

today3 February 2008 7

80s Lunchbox

It Was 20 Years Ago Today….

Check out some great 80s video clips from the greatest decade on the 20 Years Ago Blog, this week's 80s LunchboxWebsite Of The Week. Also on the 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday, we find out what was going on in the world of music during the 80s in years gone by, in between all your favourite 80s hits of course !

today27 January 2008 24

80s Lunchbox

From One Weird Al To Another….

Listeners to the 80s Lunchbox understandly think presenter Alan Coffey is a bit weird, but the true icon of weirdness and king of the parody song is Weird Al Yancovic. So we've decided to make Weird Al's official homepage our Website Of The Week. Find out more on The Cheese, weekdays from midday.

today21 January 2008 81

80s Lunchbox

…It’s Dark and We’re Wearing Sunglasses……

Yes, you know the quote from one of most famous comedy movies of the 80s, The Blues Brothers. Our Website Of The Week on The 80s Lunchbox is called Blues Brothers Central and covers all things Blues Brothers !  Find out more on The 80s Lunchbox, weekdays from midday on The Cheese.

today14 January 2008 35


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