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today1 July 2009 8

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Here is a novel way to make a real difference – and enjoy an amazing piece of theatre. Buy tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s latest show Dralion, through Oxfam, and 100 per cent of the ticket price will go towards Oxfam’s work.

Cirque du Soleil has generously donated 700 tickets to Oxfam, now all we need to do is sell them.

Tickets cost $125 for adults and $101 for children.

This is slightly more than the retail price – but as a donation to Oxfam, it is eligible for a tax rebate.
And you have a fantastic night out while your money goes to a great cause!

Call 0800 OXFAM NZ (0800 693 2669) to book your tickets NOW.

If everybody buys their tickets through Oxfam, we will raise $80,000 for our work – a huge help in these difficult times. 


Written by: Grant Thoms

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